The Latest Hoonicorn: Ken Block’s Hoonifox Digital Reveal

Hoonifox Reveal with Ken Block, Ash Thorp & Brian Scotto

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Ken Block White Hoonifox Hoonicorn

Ken Block, Ash Thorp, and Brian Scotto sit down over video conference to reveal the latest Hoonicorn project. They talk about the concept, methodology, build process, and final render of the Hoonifox. No, this is not a real-world car build, like all Hoonicorn reveals before it, but a digital rendering concept reveal.

Will Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing build the Hoonifox? Will we see a fire breathing Hoonifox in the next Gymkhana video, Gymkhana 11?

The Hoonifox Revealed

The Hoonifox is the dream child of Ken Block, and possibly the next in the series of truly mind-bending Ford-based Hoonicorn vehicles (with the original Hoonicorn and Hoonitruck before it). Block’s creative brief to designer Ash Thorp for this project involved taking a 1980’s fox-body Mustang and melding it with an ode to Miami Vice and the classic white on white Lamborgini Countach of the eighties.

Ken Block White Hoonifox Hoonicorn rear three quarter view

What will the real-world version of the Hoonifox have under its aggressively styled carbon body, if it ever gets built? We’re pretty sure it will have all-wheel-drive, like all Hoonicorn before it. We’re also sure it will have a massive horsepower Ford powerplant. Will it be a big V-8, an EcoBoost V-6, or possibly even a fully electric drivetrain, like the new Mustang Mach-E? The massive hood scoop and side-pipe exhaust in the rendering do lead us to believe that this Mustang will guzzle dino juice versus electrons.

Ken Block Black Hoonifox Hoonicorn

Ash Thorp Digital Designer Extrodiner

Ash Thorp is an illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director, which has a passion for crazy car designs. He designed Block’s Hoonigan Racing Ford Escort RS Cossie V2. He is soon to be best known for designing the latest Batmobile.

Ash Thorp Hoonifox Hoonicorn

Thorp’s creative vision is impressive, and he pulled out all the stops on the Hoonifox design. In the video we get to see a bunch of different looks for the car. He even puts together a truly glorious eighties themed livery, which is his personal vision for the car.

The best place to check out Thorp’s incredible designs is by following him on Instagram (@AshThorp) or by checking out his website

Ken Block Carbon Hoonifox Hoonicorn

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