The Best Motorcycle Airbag Vest Jackets Of 2020 (Review and Buying Guide)

The Top Airbag Motorcycle Jackets You Can Buy

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Updated on February 12, 2020. In Motorcycle Gear

Helite Turtle 2 Black Airbag Vest for Motorcyclists

The motorcycle airbag vest is the next step in the evolution of motorcycle safety. Previously, motorcyclists could only rely on impact resistant padding and abrasion resistant materials to try and reduce the chances of sustaining an injury during an accident, but those days are almost over.

Over the past few years, significant improvements have been made to airbag technology, allowing life-saving inflation devices to be scaled down into packages small enough to be worn on a motorcycle. What’s more, sophisticated computer programming, modelling, algorithm-fiddling and number-crunching now allows these devices to pre-empt an impact, only deploying when there’s a real threat of an accident.

It’s no secret that airbags are effective at saving lives on the roads, but for years, that technology was reserved for car drivers and other four-wheeled road users only—with the exception of a few heavy motorcycle cruisers that had special air bags of their own.

We’re looking at wearable airbag vests that can be worn under or over any jacket, which inflate to protect your vital organs and vulnerable areas, such as your collarbone, spine, ribs, and neck. These aren’t jackets with air technology, but dedicated vests that you can wear with any kind of jacket. Here are some of the best motorcycle airbag vests on the market:

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