Reveal Date and Crab Mode Confirmed

2021 Hummer EV Truck Might Be Able To Crab Walk Around The Competition

Bryon Dorr by Bryon Dorr
Updated on September 14, 2020. In Automotive News

GMCHummer EV Supertruck Teaser

GMC’s EV “supertruck” is set to be revealed on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020. At that time you will also be able to make a reservation for your very own 2021 Hummer EV truck. Oh, and besides insane numbers like 1,000 hp the new electric-truck will also have “Crab Mode.”

Check out the latest GMC Hummer EV truck video:

Hummer EV Crab Mode

GMC also continues to trickle out new features of the truck. The latest reveal is “Crab Mode.” GMC has this to say about it: “Crab Mode is enabled by the Hummer EV’s four-wheel steering capability, allowing it to move diagonally – functionality that is tailor-made for off-roading customers.”

Four-wheel-steering is becoming the standard on EV trucks like the Rivian and Bollinger. But, none have claimed that they can “move diagonally.”

To see all the other details we know so far check out our Hummer EV Supertruck Teaser story.

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