Maserati MC20 Mid-Engine Hybrid Supercar Revealed

100% Made in Modena, Italy

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Maserati MC20

Maserati gave us a tiny glimpse into the future of the brand, and its new flagship supercar at a truly extravagant vehicle review today. The Maserati MC20 is a hybrid mid-engine two-seater supercar that is poised to bring the Italian automaker back to relevance in the exotic car world.

While we learned little about the MC20 today, we did get a peek at where Maserati is headed as a brand. Not only will we get a mid-engine supercar, but also an SUV and new sedan in 2021. Everything will be electrified, get autonomous mode, and be powered by a new Modena, Italy built Maserati specific V6 engine. Oh, Maserati is getting back into racing as well.

Maserati MC20 headlight

Maserati MC20

The styling on the Maserati MC20 is sadly a bit forgettable. The car is beautiful and has the iconic Maserati nose and grille, but otherwise looks like just another mid-engine supercar. The MC20 does carry over some styling cues from the iconic Maserati Bora and MC12 that came before it.

A new style element on the MC20 are butterfly doors. Is there a better way to make an entrance somewhere than to swing open big vertically hinged doors?

Maserati said that the MC20 is a “race car for the road.” They gave little details about the car, but what we do know is that it is made of a mostly carbon fiber, both in the chassis and bodywork.

We also know that the MC20 will have the “most power-dense V6 of any road car.” Apparently that adds up to 630 hp 538 lb.-ft. of torque out of an all-new Maserati engine with a hybrid electric system of some sort on it. That’s respectable horsepower and impressive torque. Combined with the lightweight carbon chassis we have little doubt that this new Maserati will be quick.

The Maserati MC20 will also be completely made in Modena, Italy, including the new engine.

Maserati MC20 vent

Maserati’s Future

The future is electrified at Maserati, like all modern automakers. Every vehicle going forward from the brand will be electrified in some way. On the MC20 that is in the form of a hybrid electric/gas powertrain.

Maserati announced 13 new products across 3 new vehicles coming soon. One of these new vehicles we know will be an SUV, and one the new LaVante sedan. We should see both of these 2021 models revealed very soon.

You can also expect Level 3 Autonomous driving to be available soon across all-new Maserati.

Maserati has a long history in auto racing, and announced today that they’re going back to racing. They provided no details as to what that might look like however.

Maserati MC20 taillight

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