How to Shut Down Ubuntu

Ubuntu was initially a terminal-based operating system, but over time Linux slowly introduced the GUI in its operating system. Nowadays, GUI methods are the only way to solve many operating system problems. Well, we are here to teach you some cool methods that can help you shut down your system in Ubuntu like a pro!

Ubuntu, like all other operating systems, offers several ways to shut down, and these include such simple methods as clicking a button and also giving commands to the system via a terminal.

By Using System Menu

Ubuntu’s system menu provides the option of a power-off button in a drop-down menu, in the top right corner of the desktop. By clicking the power button, a dialogue box with 3 options will appear.

• Cancel
• Restart
• Power off

You will be able to make a choice in 60 seconds after 60 seconds system will shut down automatically.

By Using Terminal

The terminal enables the users to write commands for the system to perform. The Terminal can be opened by simply pressing Alt + Ctrl +T keys on the keyboard or by a right-click on the desktop and click open terminal. Several commands are used for shutting down the system.

Power off and poweroff command


sudo power off

This command immediately shuts down the system.

power off command

sudo poweroff

This command asks for a password and then shut down the system.

Shutdown -h now

This command will immediately shut down the system. But if you want to shut down the system after a certain time you can specify time instead of ‘now’. It will shut down the system after the specified time. For this type command:

shutdown -h (time in minutes)

Shutdown -h now command

This command will shut down the system after 1 minute.

Shutdown Ubuntu in 1 minute

To cancel this shutdown command, type command:

shutdown -c

Stop shutdown command

An alternate command for shutting down the system after a specified time is:

Shutdown +30

This will shut down the system after 30 minutes.

You can also leave a comment with shut down command. Type command

shutdown +30 "you have a meeting right now"

Shutdown with message to other users

Shutdown At A Specified Time

If you want to shut down at a specified time like 8:03 pm type command:

shutdown –h 20:3

Shutdown at a specific time

Shut down with all the parameters

To get a list of all the parameters that can be used with shutdown command along with their uses type command:

shutdown --help

shutdown command can do a lot with the following parameters.

Get help for shutdown command

Power Off With All The Parameters

The poweroff command can also be used with different parameters. To get a list of all the parameters that can be used with poweroff command along with their uses type command:

poweroff --help

Poweroff command help

So you got to know that there are so many ways to shut down and power off your machine in Ubuntu. The basic commands of shutdown and poweroff with different parameters can perform a variety of functions to halt a session. You can now use any of the above-mentioned ways to power off your machine.


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