GM Confirms Hummer Will Return With Electric Vehicle

The Hummer brand was one of the most polarizing automotive brands of the new millennium. The gas-guzzling SUVs were synonymous with the opulence and greed that drove a country into a recession. The original Hummer and Hummer H2 were both inefficient SUVs to drive but the public gobbled them up. Sales were strong for much of the brand’s short existence until the recession hit and gas prices went through the roof. GM discontinued the brand along with Saab and Pontiac during the restructuring phase of the company. But, with the advent of the Tesla Cybertruck GM is going to relaunch the brand as an all-electric brand.

The new Hummer brand which was showcased by Lebron James during the Superbowl is going to be reintroducing the public to the Hummer. There has always been a love-hate relationship with the brand and it’s only fair that GM would attempt to rebrand. Being an all-electric truck with the Hummer nameplate behind it is going to give GM a distinct advantage. Hummer is highly regarded all around the world for being one of the most capable off-road vehicles around. Even the newly branded H2 was still very capable off-road, even though it was based on the GM full-size SUV platform.

GM Hummer EV

A New Breed

Time will tell what kind of tricks Hummer has up its sleeve, but we are quite excited to see the brand making a comeback. For GM this is a big thing because the race for the first electric pickup truck is going to be heating up. The pickup truck market is a very finicky piece of the automotive world. Pickup truck buyers are some of the most loyal and fiercest buyers on the market. Getting these die-hard loyalists to switch from their brands is not going to be an easy thing for GM to pull off. But with the right features for the price the Hummer EV should do better than expected, to say the least.

Hummer EV Advertisment

2021 Hummer EV Truck

Here we have it, the very first model to be reintroduced into the Hummer family. A far cry from the gas-guzzling H2 and the lackluster H3 that we last saw. This time GM is marketing the brand under the GMC umbrella. The main idea behind this is the already impressive dealership network that GMC has built up over the last few decades. For GM this will work equally as good because Buicks are sold at these dealerships as well. For the various aspects that the Hummer EV is going to bring to the table, the truck could potentially be a success. GM has enlisted the help of Lebron James who famously drove a brand new Hummer H2 in highschool.

Lebron has a special relationship with the Hummer brand so it’s only right that he’d be the one to reintroduce it. The Hummer EV is going to attempt to do everything right that the Tesla Cybertruck is doing wrong. The first of which is the extreme styling, from the initial reveals the Hummer EV is a much more reserved truck. And this could very well be what consumers are looking for because the new electric trucks are rather extreme looking. Whereas the traditional pickup truck buyer is more reserved and wants something to convey that “tough guy” image. The Hummer EV is going to be more in line with what we’d expect out of a Hummer pickup truck, and a new truck in general.

Hummer EV Horsepower

The Pricing & What You Get

The one thing that we know about EV pickups, in general, is the fact that they aren’t cheap. You’re not going to get an all-electric pickup truck for the same price as an F-150 work truck. Therefore the electric truck is going to initially be for a very high-income bracket. We can expect that the Hummer EV is going to be priced around $70,000. Which is more expensive than even a fully loaded H2 was just a short decade ago. For this rather large sum of money, you have to wonder what you’ll get for the price. GM is promising a truck that can haul and work with the best of them, and the Hummer EV is going to have a monstrous amount of torque.

Performance is a big aspect of owning an electric vehicle because there is a stigma that they can’t compete. But the Hummer EV is boasting a 3.0-second zero-to-60-mph time. This in itself is quite impressive and something that even some sports cars can’t pull off. But the Hummer didn’t stop there, because in addition to the sheer performance there are some other perks. GMC is claiming a whopping 1,000 Horsepower for the truck. Now, when it comes to an electric vehicle this could mean that there are multiple engines like on the Cybertruck. Electric vehicles are different in how they are set up, instead of having a single combustion engine.

Hummer EV Grille

The Payload and Towing

The Hummer EV is going to have a whopping 1150 lb-ft of torque. Translation, massive towing power for boats or other recreational aspects. We’re not sure if Hummer EV owners will be working their trucks hard, but to have this much power adds to a pretty good truck. The pre-marketing materials show a truck that’s about to tow a massive amount with no noise whatsoever. We have to wonder if the Hummer EV does goodwill this makes GM utilize the same technology on the Silverado and the Sierra.

Again, the Hummer EV is boasting a pretty impressive resume behind it. GMC is claiming the truck will be able to tow around 7500 to 11,000 pounds with ease. Towing is an important part of owning a pickup truck because you want to know that you can tow what you need to. The Hummer EV is going to be an important aspect of the GMC portfolio and it will bring a good deal of foot traffic into dealerships. The payload is going to be between 1500 to 3500 pounds, and you have to remember that the Hummer EV probably is not going to have a long bed.

Range, Charging and Battery Life

Like most EV’s the Hummer EV is going to rely on a series of advanced batteries to power the truck. The range is important when you are spending this kind of money on a pickup truck so naturally, GM will be pulling out all the stops. Right now we can expect the range on this big brute to be about 300-miles. This is the norm for electric cars right now and we can’t see GM doing anything different. The Hummer EV is going to be pulling around a lot of weight because GM has all but said the truck will be massive.

When you compare it to the Tesla Cybertruck the most important thing is going to be the charging time. Tesla has rapid charging technology on its Cybertruck, and GM is yet to show off any sort of technology like this. If the company wants the Hummer EV to succeed there will be some sort of rapid charging technology for the Hummer EV as well. Owners of these trucks don’t want to be stuck waiting for a charge when their gasoline counterparts can hop right in and hit the trail. The battery technology behind the Hummer EV hasn’t been revealed yet but we can assume it will be similar to the Chevy Bolt.

The Interior Comfort

The Hummer EV is being marketed under the GMC umbrella, which means we can expect an upscale interior. For what they were the Hummers of yesteryear were fairly luxurious things. The H2 was known for incorporating lots of leather and high-quality interior materials to create an upscale look. GM is going to do the same approach with the Hummer EV to attract the high paying customers that are in this price bracket. The interior will likely be spacious to compete with the Cybertrucks six-passenger seating.

GM is going to incorporate lots of useful features just like you find on Sierra and Canyon. You can expect lots of cargo compartments and other useful areas that make the interior more user-friendly. We’re not sure if GM will be including a built-in cooler or other camping related features that you’ll find on the Gladiator. But if the Hummer brand is any inclination then we know that the truck will be marketed toward the outdoor type. The bed of the truck will also probably have outdoorsman related items such as a bike rack, and other features that you’d expect to find on something like a Hummer or a Jeep.


Right off the bat, the Hummer EV is going to have a lot of technology built into it. The first feature that you can expect to see is the GM built-in WI-FI. This is one of the most popular features that is found in GM pickup trucks right now. And when you are camping or outdoors having a reliable internet connection is important. In addition to that, the Hummer EV is bound to have a new infotainment center with lots of new features. GM has been improving its in-car connectivity for years now and the Hummer EV is going to be the recipient of this. When you are marketing a vehicle in this price range the technology is an important aspect.

The Hummer EV is going to introduce buyers to a new type of truck, something that’s not as extreme as the Tesla Cybertruck. This is why Lebron James was brought in to give the truck a more human approach. There are likely to be lots of cameras throughout the Hummer EV which will give the driver more control on the road. Backup cameras are the norm on these types of vehicles now, and the Hummer EV is no exception. There are also going to be blind spot detection features, as well as the GM self-assisted parking feature. These trucks are becoming more technologically advanced than ever, and the Hummer EV will be at the forefront.

Safety Features

Coupled with those features the Hummer EV is going to have a plethora of safety features. Gone are the days of worrying about a rollover incident, instead the Hummer EV has lane departure warnings and an advanced ABS. The Hummer EV will also be one of the first new pickup trucks to display the GM Super Cruise system. This is a safety-oriented cruise control system that has assisted many drivers already. GM is determined to introduce more safety technology as time goes on and the Hummer EV is going to be the frontrunner for this. You can also expect to see an advanced version of the GM blindspot monitoring system.

Hummer is Back

The Hummer EV is going to be more similar to the Jeep Gladiator than anything, which is what the brand is going for. The Hummers of yesteryear were not known for their efficiency, and thus it gave the brand a bad image. When the new Hummer EV was first shown it offered a new glimpse into what the brand could be. GM is pulling out all the stops to introduce a new electric pickup truck that is going to give Tesla a run for their money. The Hummer EV is everything that the company could hope for, and everything that a Hummer enthusiast could want.

When GM announced the return of the Hummer brand there was a great deal of fanfare. The company hadn’t sold the rights to the Hummer brand and it was always rumored that GM would introduce the brand to compete with Jeep. Well, now it appears that the Hummer brand is going to be going for Tesla with a competitor to the Cybertruck. In the evolving world of electric cars, a firm competitor from GM is a must. And rather than redesign the already new line of GM trucks the company has decided to resurrect the Hummer brand. The return of Hummer is going to be a good thing for the pickup truck business, and time will tell what other features the Hummer EV will offer.

A full reveal is expected to happen sometime in May 2020, with the model going on sale as 2021.


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