10 Best Remote Control Cars For Kids [Buying Guide]

Drive, Race, Rock Crawl, Or Off-road — Kids Will Love These Remote Control Cars

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Remote Control Car

Looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift? Remote control cars are an excellent addition to any young car enthusiast’s collection. Remote control cars can supply endless hours of fun and entertainment. Some are made for off-road adventure and others are perfect to race with friends. See which car is fastest and whose driving skills are up to the challenge! These are our pics for the best remote control cars for kids.

What Makes These The Best Remote Control Cars For Kids?

Although novelty is certainly important, so is ease of assembly and use. If you are purchasing the remote control car for a young child, make sure the car doesn’t require too much assistance to use. You will also want to consider durability. If the remote control cars are going to be racing, jumping, and/or possibly hitting walls (hey, we get it, accidents happen!), you want to make sure that the car will survive those hits.

Best Premium Choice

1. WHIRLT Off-Road Truck

WHIRLT 4WD Off-Road RC Truck

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Get off the beaten path with this 4WD off-road monster truck. The 2.4 GHz remote control has a range of up to 230 feet so you’ll be able to control this truck from just under the distance of a football field away. The remote offers highly responsive steering and throttle. The anti-jamming frequency on the remote allows you to use multiple RC cars in the same area with no interference.

This nimble truck can drive in all directions for life-like racing abilities. It has a powerful motor, large tires, and can reach speeds of up to 19-25 mph. And rough terrain won’t pose a challenge as the truck’s suspension is designed to handle the bumpy and unstable ground. The truck comes with two rechargeable batteries that last about 30 minutes each.


  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Very fast
  • Great control


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for indoor use

Best Overall Choice

2. Growsland Super Car

Growsland Remote Control Car

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Kids will love this modern racecar’s sleek aerodynamic profile. With speeds up to 8-10 mph, the car is easy to control and responds well on most indoor surfaces (even carpet). It has a realistic and powerful engine, which can make it feel like you’re driving a true racecar. The remote control has two easy-to-use joysticks and a good range.

The car is made with strong, scratch-resistant material. Its glossy exterior holds up well even after crashes. The car is the best suited for indoor use and has working headlights that automatically come on when the car is driven forward. Best of all, it is the perfect gift for kids of all ages. And when the car isn’t out for a drive, it makes a snazzy display for any shelf.


  • Easy to set up
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent value for a low price


  • Requires frequent charging

Best Budget Choice

3. Prextex Police Car and Race Car

Prextex Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids

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This set is ideal for young kids and makes a great introduction to remote control cars. The set comes with a police car and a race car, meaning two racers can square off for a showdown with this two-car set.

The two cars include their own removable action figures — a police figure and a racecar driver. The police car features real-life-like sirens. The two vehicles operate on different frequencies, so you can easily race the two cars. The remote controls are shaped like steering wheels, making them fun and easy to use.


  • Easy to control with remote
  • Excellent range from remote to car
  • Great for young kids

4. SPESXFUN High Speed Remote Control Car

RC Car High Speed Remote Control Car

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If you are looking for an off-road remote control car with superior speed and great durability, this car fits the bill. It comes with two powerful built-in motors and two, upgraded battery packs that, when fully charged, can run for 20-30 minutes of driving fun. The car can reach speeds of 10-15 mph and can run on a variety of outdoor terrain.

The car is made of high-quality ABS plastic and metal with a painted exterior that will not fade in the weather and holds up well from driving wear and tear. It is built with a durable frame, cockpit, and shock absorbers, and comes equipped with chunky anti-slip tires. You can drive the car in all directions making it the perfect toy car for drivers seeking the thrill of off-road RC experience.


  • Durable build
  • Long battery life
  • Can drive on a variety of terrain


  • Not ideal for younger children

5. FIGROL Gainer Transform Car Robot

FIGROL Gainer Transform Car Robot

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If you want one of the more unique cars on the market, this remote control car is a sports car and a transformer all in one. With the click of one button, the car transforms quickly and easily. Your kids are sure to love it! The car’s advanced design includes Xenon-style headlamps and realistic engine sounds.

You can not only drive it in the car mode but also once it is transformed. Its smooth wheels allow you to drift the car and easily maneuver it 360-degree circles. The car is made of high-quality material and is designed to be safe for kids. It holds up well against small crashes and collisions.


  • Two-in-one transformation for added fun
  • Great gift for young kids
  • Very easy to operate

6. ORRENTE Stunt Car

ORRENTE RC Cars Stunt Car Toy

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This remote control car has one of the more unique designs on the market. The car is designed to work in all directions with a 360-degree turning radius and the ability to perform flips. If you are into stunts, this car may be the perfect one for you. You can practice your stunts or race your friends. The remote control, which has about a 40-meter range, is designed for no interference so you can run multiple RC cars at once.

Each battery supplies about 22 minutes of play. The car has two motors and a cool LED headlight so you can enjoy the car both day and night. The car performs well on all surfaces and is excellent for off-road use. It is shockproof and has durable tires.


  • Allows for fun tricks
  • Great durability and motion control
  • Great for all ages


  • Batteries can take a while to charge

7. NQD Remote Control Monster Truck

Monster Truck

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If you are an adventure or monster truck fan, be sure to check out this remote control truck. The truck’s remote control is easy-to-use and it comes equipped with four-wheel drive and dual front/rear motors that make it fun to take rock-crawling.

The truck comes with two rechargeable batteries, and each battery lasts about 45 minutes when fully charged. The four non-slip tires and suspension shock absorbers make this truck ready for any rough or uneven terrain.


  • Long battery life
  • Solid and durable build
  • Great on all terrain

8. Kidzlane Remote Control Cars

Kidzlane Remote Control Cars

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This simple but fun two-car set is suitable for kids of all ages. Siblings or friends can have fun racing these two cars in fast-action racing and deploy tons of neat stunts. The cars feature all direction control and a remote control range of up to 35-feet.

Children can learn the easy-to-use controls instantly. Thanks to the interference-free remotes, both cars can run simultaneously with no issues. With a battery life of up to 100 minutes, the cars can be used for a long period of time. With these cars, kids will be entertained for hours.


  • Different frequency controllers allow for simultaneous use
  • Simple design for younger kids
  • Easy to use


  • Not as durable as other models
  • Remote connectivity can be inconsistent

9. Kulariworld Remote Control Drift Car

Kulariworld RC Cars Toys for Kids Drift Remote Control Car

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This inexpensive, but fun racecar model is the perfect remote control car for fans of both racecars and sports cars. With this supercar, you can drive high speeds and even drift! Best of all, the car is easy to control, making it perfect for young children.

The remote control is designed to fit comfortably in most kid’s hands and has a range of up to 45 feet. With its fancy LED lights, the car has a realistic feel. You will find that the car works best on flat smooth surfaces, although it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Easy to use
  • Bright headlights make night-driving fun
  • Lightweight and responsive


  • Not much ground clearance
  • Not ideal for use on rough or uneven surfaces

10. RASTAR Radio Remote Control Bugatti Veyron

Radio Remote Control Bugatti Veyron

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Sports car enthusiasts will love this Bugatti remote control car. This radio-controlled car gives drivers the thrill of driving the real thing. The car drives efficiently in all directions for a smooth ride. The Bugatti even has a fully designed interior to give it the real Veyron feel.

When not in use, the Bugatti makes an excellent display—prop it on a shelf and enjoy the view. The car comes factory assembled and is ready to run right out of the box. It also has working head and tail lights making it, without a doubt, one of the coolest remote control cars on the market.


  • Durable and quiet
  • Very detailed design
  • Works indoors and outdoors


  • Does not accept rechargeable batteries

Picking The Best Remote Control Cars For Kids:

Remote control cars can be a phenomenal gift for kids of all ages. When picking an RC car, you have lots of different types of remote control cars to choose from. Here are a few things to take into consideration when making your purchase.

Age Range:

Remote control cars come with a variety of features. Simple cars with easy-to-use controllers tend to work best for young children. Basic remotes may only have one or two buttons/triggers. These remote control cars are designed to help young kids improve their motor skills. More complex cars with higher speeds and more complicated controllers are best suited to teenagers or car-loving adults. With the more advanced remote control cars, experienced drivers can enjoy taking them on a variety of terrain and performing cool tricks.


Like when you purchase a real car, you should ask yourself, how do I want to use this remote control car? Are you just looking for a basic car for easy indoor driving? Or are you a fan of car racing looking for a speedy car or perhaps a two-pack of cars so you and your kids can go racing? Another popular type of remote-controlled vehicle is the monster truck designed for going off-road. With these 4WD remote control vehicles, you can drive on all different types of terrain.

Battery Life:

Another key factor to consider is how long the battery lasts. Also, take a look at charging time for any cars that come with rechargeable batteries. The last thing anyone wants is to have to stop and recharge the car’s battery every 20 minutes. Some of the best cars come with multiple battery packs, so you (or your child) can keep driving while the second battery charges. The best single batteries can last up to an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use two remote control cars at the same time?

It all depends on the frequency of the remotes. If you are buying two cars and the frequencies of the remote controls are the same, then the frequencies will have interference and the cars will not work. When buying multiple remote-controlled cars, be sure to get ones with remotes that have different frequencies. That will prevent the signals from getting mixed up.

What kind of batteries do the cars take?

Batteries are usually specific to each remote control car. The majority of remote-controlled cars come with rechargeable batteries. Others may simply require AA or AAA batteries. Those cars don’t require recharging but will need their batteries changed frequently.

What surfaces can the remote control cars drive on?

The surfaces the car can drive on varies by the car type and design. Most have little to no issue driving on smooth indoor surfaces or asphalt. But, when it comes to any “off-road” conditions, it varies specifically by car. Look for a higher-end 4WD remote control care if you want to drive it on rough terrain, like grass and dirt. Be sure to know where you plan on driving the car, and pick a model that matches your needs.

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