10 Best Gifts For Car Loving Dads [Buying Guide]

Our Picks For The Best Automotive Gifts For Dad

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gifts for car loving dads

Let’s face it, finding the perfect automotive gifts for car loving dads can be a difficult task. As much as dads love getting socks every single year, you can bet automotive gifts for Dad will get a more excited reaction. With Father’s Day just around the corner on June 21, what better way to show your love than car related gifts for dad?!

The Best Gifts for Car Loving Dads

If you’re looking for an automotive gift your dad will love, check out these ten amazing options. This list has products for every type of dad in every price range. No matter which one you pick, you’re sure to delight your auto-enthusiast father with the perfect gift. Which one of these automotive gifts for dad will your dad love?

Best Budget Choice

1. Mpow BH129B Bluetooth Receiver

Mpow BH129B Bluetooth Receiver automotive gift for dad

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Dad loves driving while listening to his oldies on CD and classic rock radio, but he’s missing out on a whole world of music that this bluetooth device can offer! Dad isn’t going to stop driving his vintage car anytime soon, so get him this Mpow Bluetooth Receiver to give him the gift of unlimited music.

Not only is this automotive product the best value, it is also easy to use and provides top-quality audio. Unlike other bluetooth devices, this device also contains a speaker so that dad can also use it as a hands-free speakerphone.

Just plug this baby right into the aux port, and let the dad jams begin! Trust us, he’ll be unstoppable.

2. iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder

best gifts for dad iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder

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Of course we don’t want dad holding his phone while he’s driving, even though he is the master multi-tasker. With one touch, dad can use this hands-free device to optimize both his driving safety and his driving experience.

This car mount from iOttie easily suctions on to the dashboard or windshield and is able to support and hold all smartphones. Dad can easily lock or release his phone using one hand. This is a particularly excellent gadget if your dad uses his phone as a GPS. No matter what kind of car lover your dad is, this gift is sure to impress.

(Need more car phone mount ideas: 10 Best Car Phone Mounts For 2020)


3. Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves

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Maybe your dad owns a sports car. Or maybe your dad likes to pretend he owns a race car. Either way, these gloves will give him functionality and, most importantly, style.

Your dad will love these Pratt and Hart gloves as he seamlessly hugs every curve on winding roads. Cold weather shouldn’t stop your dad from having a great time driving, and these gloves give him the protection that he needs. The leather is soft, flexible, and excellent quality. And he can still use his smartphone while wearing these gloves. How great! The gloves break in easily, so your dad can get right to vastly improving his drives while also looking fantastic.

If you’re asking yourself, “Would my dad wear these?”, the answer is just absolutely yes. He just needs someone like you to gift them to him.

4. EPAUTO 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump With Pressure Gauge

gifts for car loving dads EPAUTO 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump With Pressure Gauge

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Why go to the gas station to fill up your tires when you can easily do it in the comfort of your home? Your car loving dad will absolutely swoon over this automotive gadget. This portable tire inflator, which plugs right into the cigarette lighter, can be thrown into the trunk of dad’s car to be used whenever needed. If he ever gets in an unexpected bind where his tire pressure drops, dad can easily use this compressor to quickly fill up.

If you’re worried about overfilling the tires, this nifty gadget will automatically shut off when the desired tire pressure is reached. In addition to the car tire filling capabilities, this compressor also comes with nozzles that can be used to inflate basketballs, inflatable kayaks, and more. What dad doesn’t love a gadget that can do many things?

With this portable air compressor tucked in the trunk, you dad can enjoy worry-free driving experiences for as long as his heart desires. This tire inflator is sure to be the gift that keeps on giving!

(Here are some more tire inflation gift ideas for you: Which Portable Tire Inflator Do You Need In Your Vehicle?)

Best Overall Choice

5. CHORTAU Dash Cam


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This is the car gadget of every car loving dad’s dream. Not only will the CHORTAU Dash Cam record potential accidents for optimal safety, it also provides both front and rear view cameras, back-up assistance, and loop recording—all in 1080p resolution, of course!

It can also capture dad’s scenic long drives or footage of dad racing on the track if that’s what he’s into. If you are looking for a high quality, great value dash cam for your dad’s truck, car, or SUV, this is the one for you.

Keep dad driving safely and happily with this incredible automotive gadget. Dad deserves lifelong memories of his favorite moments in his beloved vehicle. Don’t you agree?


6. ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

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If dad is a car lover, he loves to keep his car immaculate both inside and out. There is nothing worse than a car covered in food crumbs and dirt! And even though dog may be man’s best friend, the dog leaves a lot of hair behind. Keep this vacuum around so dad can cruise with the dog while keeping his favorite ride spotless.

The ThisWorx car vacuum is powerful, compact, and affordable. The 16-foot power cord ensures dad will leave no dust speck behind. After he’s done cleaning his car, he can even clean the vacuum itself with the provided filter brushes.

This is an excellent gift to keep dad’s car spotless. Not to mention, if a vacuum could be good-looking, this one absolutely is.

(More great car vacuum ideas: Reviewing The 10 Best Car Vacuums of 2020)

7. BlueDriver OBDII Scan Tool

BlueDriver OBDII Scan Tool

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This OBD2 Scanner from BlueDriver can save your dad a ton of money by helping quickly identify issues with his car, before he even goes to a mechanic. The BlueDriver scanner pairs with the free BlueDriver App to show a complete vehicle repair solution. If your dad is a garage mechanic himself, this gadget is an absolute necessity to read (and clear) all the codes on his vehicle.

This item is trustworthy. It’s easy to use and bound to save dad loads of money. What’s not to like? Sure, this gift is a bit more expensive, but it will absolutely pay for itself in no time. If you gift it to dad, he will be talking about it for years to come. And who knows, perhaps you’ll become the favorite child!

8. NOCO Boost Plus Car Battery Jump Starter

gifts for dads NOCO Car Battery Jump Starter

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This jump starter from NOCO needs to be in every dad’s car! Sure, dad would rarely let his own car get to a state where it needs to be jumped, but this way he can be ready to help anyone and everyone in need of a battery boost.

This product is fast, reliable, and extremely user-friendly. Above all, this powerful 1000-amp car jump starter also doubles as a portable power bank to charge up phones, tablets, and more. To top it off, it has flashlight features. The NOCO Boost Plus is easily rechargeable, compact, waterproof, and scratch proof.

In short, dad needs this jump starter in his roadside emergency kit. With it, he’ll always be ready for a road trip or to help a friend!

(Need more battery charger gift ideas? We’ve got you covered: Ranking The Top Car Battery Chargers Of 2020)

9. Chemical Guys 16 Piece Complete Car Wash Kit

gifts for car loving dads Chemical Guys Complete Car Wash Kit

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Dad loves to keep his car shiny and pristine. However, he’s resourceful and has been using the same old rags for years. Treat him to this car wash kit which has everything to keep dad’s ride flawless and give it that beautiful shine.

The 16-piece kit from Chemical Guys contains their Signature Series Glass Cleaner, the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleanser, and 100% Wax Free Detailing Spray. The auto wash is designed for use in the included Foam Wash Gun for a car wash like no other. In addition, this kit comes with two Miracle Dryer microfiber towels, a wash mitt, a spray bottle, and a bucket with a dirt-trap.

If your dad is a car enthusiast, get him this incredible car wash kit to give him a ride worth bragging about. Perhaps you could even wash your dad’s car, if he lets you touch it. After all, he deserves it!

(Want more car wash gift ideas for dad? Ranking The Best Car Wash Soap Of The Year!)

Best Premium Choice

10. Rent a Cool Car from Hagerty DriveShare

Rent a Cool Car from Hagerty DriveShare

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Maybe you’ve made it to the bottom of this list, and you realize your father quite literally owns all of these incredible products already. If your dad is the kind of car lover who already has every gadget under the sun, give your dad the gift of an experience!

Want to give your dad a day to cruise around in a 1957 Ford Thunderbird? Or maybe a bright blue Chevy Bel-Air? Your dad can relive his glory days and cruise around the town in the car of his dreams. Head on over to DriveShare to give your dad a memory he will not forget. On both the DriveShare website and the DriveShare app, the process is fast and easy with endless options and prices ranging from $150 to $600. Give your dad his dream car, even if it is just for the day.

To sum it up, with this gift dad will become the coolest guy in town, guaranteed! Isn’t that every son and daughter’s dream?

These Gifts are Sure to Impress All Car Loving Dads

With these automotive gifts, Father’s Day 2020 will go down in history as the best one yet. Whether it’s leather gloves, a car cleaning kit, or electronic gadgets, don’t hesitate to buy something that will show your car loving dad (and his ride) how much you love him!


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